To be, or not to be: Essential, urgent or necessary

A call for restructuring is never without upsetting. But this time it is global and ubiquitous with huge impact and disturbance which are unavoidable for virtually everyone on the planet. Suddenly your business, your role and your job without exceptions have been thrown into an existential question, if your business, your role or your job is essential, urgent or necessary.

This is really a tough call. As it has been long since we moved into the economy by majority comprised of tertiary industries, or service industries, most of us even with “decent” jobs would have difficulties in affirming our jobs are actually essential, urgent or necessary without any doubts.

Even for those in primary and secondary sectors things are not so different. Because most of people working in these sectors, too, are engaged in tertiary industry-ish jobs rather than stereotypical ones.

However, even if your business, role or job is not deemed essential, urgent or necessary it does not make it negligible or dispensable at all. That is why governments around the world were swift in putting job protection measures in place. First, your household requires it as the source of livelihood. Also as a human does not live only on bread, a society does not produce only bread.






Ko tēnei te mahi waiwai, kāore rānei?

He āwangawanga te whakahouhou katoa. Inakuanei, ka kōkirikiritia ia tangata, ia tangata e te whakahouhou nui o te ao. Ko tēnei te mahi waiwai, kāore rānei?

Ka mahi tokomaha i ngā mahi ratonga ināianei. He pai tonu aua mahi, engari, ehara he horipū rātou. Ahakoa tonu he ahuhenua, he itiiti ngā tāngata i ngā mahinga horipū.

Heoi anō, mahia te mahi. Kāore te tangata e noho noa ake mō te parāoa. Kāore te porihanga e mahi noa ake mō te parāoa anō.