Familiar and unquestionable or unfamiliar and questionable

From this month’s Zen words in Japanese site of Rinzai-Obaku Zen.

My take on this maxim is the difference between the holistic wisdom and the analytic knowledge. When you personify enlightenment, or one with the ultimate truth, who asks a question about it? Asking a question is representing that you are in the third person viewpoint and not one with the ultimate truth.

親者不問 問者不親



Ka whakatinana koe, kāore koe e patapatai ai. Ka patapatai koe kāore koe e whakatinana ai.

Hei tā te kōrero o te marama i te wāhanga Hapani o te Rinzai-Obaku Zen.

Ki te whakatinana ana koe i te māramatanga, kua pau ōu patapatai mōna.

Ki te patapatai ana koe i te māramatanga, kāore anō koe kia whakatinana i a ia.