If a butterfly’s flapping causes a typhoon you should have a good night sleep anyway

From this month’s Zen words in Japanese site of Rinzai-Obaku Zen.

The old man lost his horse” is a Chinese proverb. In the Zen adage of the subject above, I swapped it with the butterfly effect which is more widely known in the English speaking world. The wisdom also has some in common with Prayers for Serenity, Peace and Strength as both refer to the importance of accepting of what cannot be changed and living happily anyway.

人間万事塞翁馬 推枕軒中聴雨眠



Mā te mātauranga o te kaumātua Haina i rongo pai i ngā tohu o te hoiho, kua kore tāu korohiko

Hei tā te kōrero o te marama i te wāhanga Hapani o te Rinzai-Obaku Zen.

Ko te Kaumātua Haina i Rongo Pai i ngā Tohu o te Hoiho te whakataukī mō te kumukumutanga o te ao.