Rewarding risk-takers properly in the new normal

The SARS-CoV-2 which is responsible for Covid-19 is a nasty virus. It picks up a small number of reckless people as its favourite carriers and let them spread itself to lots of people in a short time including vulnerable populations like rest home residents. Once spread it is very hard and takes very long time for a patient to recover from it and for a community to eradicate it.

The disease is causing a very big trouble for otherwise prosperous entrepreneurs as they are basically risk-takers and improvisers. Not only the social impact by the disease itself but also the governments’ prevention and control measures against Covid-19 would pose significant restrictions to their business practices which would be productive and innovative in normal circumstances.

Their appetite for risk-taking should be encouraged and rewarded once the full economic recovery comes into our views as the disease is under control. However the economies agreed to their requests too early are seeing failure in containment or in preventing relapsing of the pandemic.

What we can do to reward risk-taking (especially small) business owners right now would be sincerely listening to their concerns and faithfully discuss on possible alternatives for their previous business norms and supports shifting to a new normals based on both warm empathy and hard facts. It is actually a courageous act to speak up as lots of people would like to play save at the moment.






Me pēhea te whakatītina mō ngā waewae kai kapua i ngā tikanga hou

He whakaweriweri te mate korona. Ka kōhiti ia i ngā kotoiti tōtōa mō āna kaitītaritari ki te whakamate i ngā pio tūoi. Ka roa te wā e ora ai te tūroro. Ka roa te wā e haepapa ai te iwi i a ia.

Ka āwangawanga ngā waewae kai kapua i momoho i ā rātou mahi i mua i te mate korona. He nui ngā rāhui. He iti ngā hui. He nui ngā raruraru. He iti ngā hua.

Me wewete petapeta rātou kia tae mai te wā. Engari, kia tūpato kei wawe tātou ki te whara i te mate korona.

Me pēhea te whakatītina mō rātou anāianei? Āta whakarongo mai i rātou.